Over the years, and with today's emphasis on prevention and the indisputable connection between dental health and overall health, my vision of my role as a dentist has evolved to meet the newest technology and my patient's comfort. Each new patient who enters the doors to Mawyer Dental begins a unique co-discovery process. In a friendly atmosphere, you will experience an one-on-one interview in which you tell us what your goals and desires are for your dental health.

For over 30 years, our goal has been to help you achieve the highest level of dental health possible. We understand that circumstances can often dictate a step-by-step approach. Concerns about finances, time, and dental phobias can prevent patients from seeking optimum dental care.

My caring, and highly-skilled team and I are committed to helping you address these concerns and to help you achieve your highest level of health, comfort, and appearance. Come visit us and learn how we can help improve your smile and overall health.

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